Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls

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Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls is a beautiful place situated 7 Kms away from the Achencoil.It is on the Achencoil-Schencottah Road of Kollam district,Kerala.Achencovil is almost 95 kms away from Kollam.Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls is managed by Manalar-Kumbhavurutty Vana Samrakshana Samithy and,is close to the Kerala -Tamil Nadu border.Kerala Forest Department has started an “Eco-Contact Centre” at this place.Apart from waterfalls,visitors can go trekking to the sprawling grasslands at high elevation,for an unique experience through evergreen thickets,abundant in wild flora and fauna.Manalar is a natural falls,which is 2 Kms away from Kumbhavurutty waterfalls.Achencovil is a main Hindu pilgrim center in Kerala.Achencovil Sastha temple is one of the five Sastha temples in Kerala.Achencovil is also a Eco-Tourist place.The place is near from NH 208.Entry is allowed from 10 a.m.Trekking is an important attraction here.Kumbhavurutty waterfalls is one of the main attractions of Achankovil,a pilgrim center in Kollam District.This natural waterfall gives a breathtaking atmosphere with sounds of the rushing waters and the beauty of the nature.Achankovil is situated 80 kms north-east of Punalur.The waters of the Kumbhavarutty cascading down the hills at once attract your attention.Both sides of the narrow,hill road are dotted with thatched sit-outs.We can see a few beautiful treetop houses too.Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls offers breathtaking sight!.From the top,the water finds its way through big and small rocks to become a bubbling stream.We can see steps,cut into the rock,lead visitors to the top of the waterfalls.

Divisional Forest Officer
Divisional Forest Office
Achencoil P.O, Kollam (Dist:),Kerala.
Divisional Forest Office,Achencoil.
0475 - 2342315
Getting there:
Nearest Bus Station: Achencovil Bus Station.
Nearest Railway Station: Shenkottai Railway Station.
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport.

Thiruvananthapuram -123 Kms
Thenamal - 55 Kms
Kollam -104 Kms
Punalur – 83 Kms
Tirunelveli - 85 Kms
Courtallam (Kutrallam) - 28 Kms
Shenkottai - 17 Kms
Manalar Waterfalls,Kerala - 2 Kms
Achencovil - 5 Kms
Thenamal - 55 Kms
Courtallam (Kutrallam),Tamil Nadu - 25 Kms
Panpoli - 10 Kms (Panpoli is a small village situated near Sengottai in Tirunelveli District,Tamil Nadu Distict)
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Ann said...

hi looks like a beautiful place!!

kankuro said...

hello my friend, the place is so really great, awesome and beautiful how i wish i could get there and take a bath of the fresh water.

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hello Kerala,
I'm so glad to be here,the places feel so refreshing! followed you too and thanks for visiting me, see you again!

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Yes I visited this group to me all it was pleasant, but I do not know language and consequently where will join I do not know as.... I am very glad that you have invited me, I like to travel and the exotic countries...


Very nice blog about beautiful Kerala!

Footsteps said...

What a beautiful spot! I'd love to see those treetop houses!

Footsteps said...

What a beautiful spot! I'd love to see those treetop houses!

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It is mind blowing during the rainy season.

Unforgettable !!!