Papanasham Beach

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Papanasham(Near Varkala)is one of the beautiful beach which lies in the western coast of India and is almost 48 Kms North of (Thiruvananthapuram)Trivandrum,Kerala.It is one of the Keralas most quite and pictureque beaches with less chaos and crowd.The Papanasham(means-Destroyer of Sins)beach is regarded as holy and is crowded with pilgrims during new moon days.It is actually a long stretch dominated by red cliff and green coconut palm trees.A natural spring which is said to have curative proerties is said to originate from the cliff.The two km long cliff extends from the south,Papnasham beach,to the north to the Thiruvambady beach.Providing a stunning contrast is the blue hues of the water and sky.In brief, the scenic beauty of Varkala beach is almost mesmerizing.
You can get to Varkala by plane,through the neighboring Trivandrum Airport,by train,to Varkala RailwayStation,and by bus from Trivandrum.You can also take a ferry from Kochi or Alleppey(Alappuzha)to Quilon(Kollam),and from there take a taxi to Varkala.There are also buses from Quilon to Varkala.The local town of Varkala is located around the train station,5Km from the beaches.The tourist area is along the two cliffs,North and South,in between them is the main beach,Papanasham.The tourist season starts in December and lasts till the end of March.
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Beautiful beaches! Gorgeous!